The British School, New Delhi

Tasked with designing a brochure that vividly presents The British School, New Delhi’s array of extracurricular activities, Minus Equals Plus embraced the challenge with enthusiasm. Our objective was to encapsulate the school’s holistic approach to education through a bi-fold brochure that informs and inspires both students and parents about the enriching opportunities beyond the academic curriculum.

Our Role

Our design team was dedicated to crafting a brochure that not only showcases the diversity of The British School’s enrichment programmes but also resonates with the school’s identity. We aimed to create a piece that is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and rich in content.

The Process

Signature Blue Palette

At the heart of our design was the school’s signature blue, derived directly from their logo. This choice was instrumental in ensuring brand consistency and recognition. The signature blue served as a vibrant thread throughout the brochure, tying together various elements and sections into a cohesive narrative.

Bi-fold Design & Content Highlight

Opting for a bi-fold design allowed for a seamless flow of information, guiding readers through the vivid world of The British School’s extracurricular activities. Each activity, from sports to arts, was spotlighted with dynamic visuals and engaging descriptions, all framed by the striking signature blue that echoes the school’s spirit.

The Outcome

The completed brochure stands as a vibrant reflection of The British School’s commitment to a comprehensive educational journey, beautifully accented with their signature blue. It has become more than just an informational piece; it’s a visually compelling invitation to explore and engage with the school’s rich programme offerings. The use of the school’s iconic blue not only enhanced the visual appeal but also strengthened the brochure’s connection to the school’s brand identity.


Creating the enrichment programme brochure for The British School, New Delhi, reinforced our belief in the power of design to connect and communicate. Utilizing the school’s signature blue was a deliberate choice that paid homage to their identity while ensuring the brochure was both informative and inspiring. This project stands as a testament to our capability at Minus Equals Plus to weave brand elements into designs that speak directly to the audience’s heart and mind.

About The British School, New Delhi

The British School is a top international, multicultural school located in the heart of the diplomatic area of New Delhi with students from over 66 nationalities.