We’re a creative agency based in Goa, India

At Minus Equals Plus, we navigate the complexities of the digital world with a simple yet powerful mantra: Less is More. Our team of creative thinkers and innovators embraces diversity, straightforward communication, and the technology to deliver clear, impactful solutions.
We’re committed to transforming everyday challenges into extraordinary results, ensuring every project we undertake is not just future-ready but also resonates with authenticity and creative brilliance.


Our belief system at Minus Equals Plus

In a world brimming with complexity, we like to solve problems by stripping away the unnecessary and focusing on what truly matters. At Minus Equals Plus, we believe in the power of less: Where less is more, more is extraordinary.

Less clutter noise ambiguity uniformity manual

More clarity impact authenticity brilliance automation



Positioning & Messaging, Brand Naming, Logo Design, Visual Identity, Brand Guidelines


Copywriting, Graphic Design, Video Production, Motion Graphics, Animation & VFX, Music Production


UI/UX Design, Websites, Email marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO & SEM


Stationery, Merchandise, Packaging, Brochures & Fliers


We design exhibition booths, stage setups, signage, hoardings, decals, wall art, and murals for your event, retail outlet, or office space.