Goofy Tails

When Goofy Tails, India’s premier online pet supplies store, approached us with the vision of creating a unique offering for pet owners, we were thrilled to bring our creative expertise to the table. The project was to conceptualize and design the Goofybox – a subscription box that caters to the specific needs and preferences of pets, considering their age, breed, and traits.

Our Role

At Minus Equals Plus, we understand that pets are family, and each one deserves a box as unique as they are. Our role was to infuse life into this vision by designing a premium subscription box that would not only meet the functional requirements but also resonate emotionally with pet owners and their furry companions.

The Process

Inspiration and Conceptualization

Drawing inspiration from Goofy Tails’ brand colours and distinctive doodle art, our initial step was to conceptualize a box design that would stand out in the crowded pet supplies market. The idea was to create something that was not just a product but an experience – a joyous unboxing event for both pets and their owners.

Designing the Goofybox

With premiumness and personalization at its core, the Goofybox design came to life, featuring playful doodles and vibrant brand colors. The design process was meticulous, ensuring every element of the box reflected the brand’s quirky and loving nature.

Customized Notes

To add a personal touch, each Goofybox included a customized note inside, tailored to the recipient pet. This gesture was aimed at creating a deeper connection with the customers, making them feel special and understood.

The Outcome

The launch of the Goofybox was met with enthusiasm and love from Goofy Tails’ customers. The carefully crafted design and personalized notes inside each box created an unboxing experience that was as delightful and unique as the pets themselves. The Goofybox not only elevated Goofy Tails’ brand image but also set a new standard for subscription services in the pet industry.


Designing the Goofybox for Goofy Tails was a project that allowed us to explore the intersection of creativity, personalization, and emotion. At Minus Equals Plus, it reinforced our commitment to creating designs that touch hearts and spark joy. This project was a testament to the power of thoughtful design in building brand loyalty and creating memorable experiences.

About Goofy Tails

Goofy Tails is a leading pet supplies and pet products brand.